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Complete transparency – I’m not a huge fan of “about” sections; don’t like writing bios either.  It’s extremely weird, curating a few paragraphs describing who I am and why you should care.  But, I understand why it’s slightly necessary in helping you decide whether I might be someone ya dig or I might share some stuff ya like.  So, with that, here we go. 


I’m Ayanna.  I’m a stand-up comedian and writer in real life, but, on the internet, I love sharing videos about randomness in my life.  I have lupus, I live in NYC, and I’m an artist – not in that order.  I’m also addicted to Pinterest and DIY any- and everything – I believe those 2 go hand in hand. 


If you’re looking for some kind of professional credibility, I’ve been on the television a few times.  You might have seen me on truTV’s Laff Tracks or Fox’s Laughs.  I also wrote for BET’s 50 Central.  If podcasts are ya thang, I have one called Who Does the Baby’s Hair where I share my misadventures growing up multi-racial.  I used to be a mechanical engineer, but most engineers I know don’t maintain websites, so I doubt my knowledge of Fourier Series is what brought you here. 


I hope I share something that makes you laugh, feel heard, or inspires you to do something great.  I won’t make any promises, but I’ll do my best.


Nothing from June 18, 2021 to June 24, 2021.


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